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To address the demand for aesthetic crowns, bridges, and veneers, all-ceramic materials that exhibit the strengths ideal for restorations anywhere in the mouth, optimized fit, flawless contacts, predictable shade results, and the look of natural dentition are used during the fabrication process. With the new all-ceramic IPS E.MAX SYSTEM, these requirements are met for both the Press and CAD/CAM technology. From a strength, esthetic, and economic perspective, these materials provide an ideal alternative to PFM and zirconia restorations.


  • True-to-Nature Esthetics
  • Optimized Color and Clarity
  • Improved Strength
  • Enhanced Optical Properties
  • Precise Fit
  • Easy Preparation
  • Prevention of Dark Gingival Graying and Black Lines
emax press
emax cad

IPS e.max CAD is a Computer-Aided Designed lithium disilicate ceramic restoration that delivers exceptional fit, precise contours, perfect contacts, a high flexural strength of 360 MPa, and natural-like aesthetics unaffected by the shade of the prepared tooth.

emax press
emax press

IPS e.max Press is a reformulated glass ceramic consisting of lithium disilicate that delivers outstanding esthetics with a 10% increased strength of 400 MPa. Its ability to balance versatility and simplicity yields confidence when restoring even the most complicated cases.


IPS Empress is a homogenous leucite-based ceramic that scatters light like natural enamel to blend seamlessly with the surrounding dentition and deliver accuracy in fit. Its wear compatibility, true-to-nature esthetics, and improved strength of 160 MPa has proven itself with over 15 years of clinical success.



  • IPS E.MAX ALL-CERAMIC SYSTEM delivers material choices with flexural strengths between 160 MPa and 400 MPa to address the variations of restorative needs in the mouth.

  • Predictable shade results produced with the use of e.max Ceram layering ceramic with all IPS e.max materials

  • IPS e.max system allows for the use of conventional cementation or adhesive bonding.
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