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Replicating true opalescence and translucency for the look of natural teeth is crucial when meeting the needs of cosmetically conscious patients. Trident utilizes composite materials such as Premise Indirect™ (belleGlass) and Cristobal+ that are more resilient and deliver a very aesthetic tooth-color when needing to add contour, do small corrections, or fill small cavities. These composites eliminate the use of gold or metal fillings to achieve a healthy, true smile.

To help patients through the interim until their final restorations are delivered, Tri-Temps™, Tridentís exclusive temporary prosthetics are your solution. Their natural beauty will ensure confidence in patients while their final restorations are being made.


  • Exceptional Esthetics
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Durable
  • Enhanced Wear Characteristics
  • Optimal Strength
  • Available in Bleach Shades

As a result of art and science coming together in Biomimtic Nanotechnology, one of the most respected indirect restoratives of its kind has been created. Premise Indirect (belleGlass) replicates natural enamel and wear characteristics of dentition and exhibits exceptional high gloss. Utilizing the Trimodal Polymerization (light, heat, and pressure curing) its physical performance is outstanding with 98% material conversion when compared to that of light curing only.


Composed of a triple bonding mechanism and Barium Borosilicate glass filler, Cristobal+ is fracture resistant, shock absorbing, and delivers ideal rebound properties. Overall, its physical properties supersede other indirect composites when strength and resistance to damage is necessary.


Tridentís custom-made, fiber-reinforced temporary prosthetics deliver a beautiful life-like, strong, natural-fitting provisional. They are competitively priced second to none with a fast turnaround time to meet your patientsí demands.



  • When utilizing Trimodal curing (light, heat, and pressure curing) for premise indirect 98% material conversion is achieved. reducing material shrinkage ussualy experience with light curing only.

  • Premise indirect is also exeptional for inlays/onlays and maryland bridges.

  • Composites are limited to a 3-unit bridge span.

  • For your convenience, both prepped and pre-op models for fabrication of Tri-Temps are accepted .

  • For patients who require a more esthetic restoration, diagnostic wax-ups are available.
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