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Denture Bath

Trident Dental Laboratories offers patients a durable Denture Bath for any Removable Dental Appliance. The Denture Bath also includes a no mess, no spill strainer with which an appliance can be placed with the strainer into the bath to soak. Keep dental appliances clean by using Trident's Denture Bath.

Trident Denture Bath

emax press

Tri-Clean™ is specially formulated for cleaning any removable dental appliance such as; InStyle Smile, Tri-Flex, Valplast, cast partials, dentures, night guards, and sports mouth guards, bite splints, anti-snoring and orthodontic appliances. In just 15 minutes, its fast and effective sodium-based effervescent formula will dissolve tartar and tough stains in hard to reach places. Tri-Clean is specifically formulated to clean all thermal plastic appliances in cool water, preventing damage or distortion from happening to the appliance.

Tri-Clean™ Cold Water Appliance Cleaner
(12 oz. Bottle)

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