COVID and Dentistry in 2022: What to Expect?

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The pandemic has altered the course of our lives and work in so many ways, and it seems the changes will continue to impact society well into 2022. Like so many industries, the dentistry industry has undergone several changes in the last two years. If you are a dental professional, you might be contemplating your unique position and responsibility to deepen patient trust and also help mitigate the soaring prices, like implant crown costs, in the post-pandemic world.

Dental Practices: What Changes to Expect in 2022

The healthcare industry as a whole faces daily contagion risk. Regardless of the size of your practice, your patients are expecting to be worried about the cost of restoring teeth, not getting sick. They want to be able to trust that you are diligent about infection control due to the heightened awareness about COVID-19. 

This is the perfect time to showcase your vigilance and instill trust – in order to prevent viral spread right now as well as to increase your professional credibility. 

You need to assure your patients that you are strictly following the OSHA guidelines during this pandemic and are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. Consider taking the following steps for essential dental appointments, such as those coming in to discuss implant teeth cost:

  • Allow your patients to check-in verbally for their appointment (to eliminate the need for surface contact with a register or a keypad) or check-in digitally from the parking lot.
  • Make sure your front-desk counter space and waiting area are disinfected throughout office hours.
  • Rearrange the waiting area seating to put extra space between chairs.
  • Remove the high-touch amenities from the waiting area (such as magazines and coffee and tea service).

Adapting To the New “Normal”

Several dental practices across the country have already implemented new strategies to stay productive in this new reality. These strategies include: 

Evaluating and Changing Marketing Strategies

Have you refined your marketing narrative to show that you are empathetic to your patients and community during this crisis? One way to avoid looking like an opportunist, but still keep dentistry front-of-mind is by publishing high-value content on your dental practice website and blog. Use social media to create and share useful content related to oral health, practical home care tips, and the connection between good oral health and overall physical well-being. You could even make posts that highlight the rising dental crown cost or the root canal process, to establish a sense of transparency and trust between you and your patients.

Build Your Inventory

To prevent the supply shortages on masks, gloves, and disinfection solutions from creating problems, keep an eye on your in-house inventory. Remind your staff to avoid supply waste, especially during this time, but don’t cut corners on safety. And if building your inventory is too expensive, work with a reliable dental lab to keep dental lab costs and other expenses down.

Use Technology to Coordinate Essential Patient Communication and Practice Changes

The pandemic has undoubtedly added chaos to your daily workflows and productivity. Consider using a maximized management software program for your practice to help you adapt your patient care and operational systems. An adept software platform will optimize all your processes, including team communication, billing, medical and dental insurance reimbursements, patient scheduling, and your workflows. It can also help you avoid scheduling gaps and keep your patients informed on any openings or changes.

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