4 Ways to Improve Customer Service in a Dental Practice

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Dentists can set themselves apart in today’s competitive marketplace by offering impeccable customer experience. When your patients feel welcomed and comfortable while they visit your office for things like cleanings or flexible partial dentures, they are bound to return for their next appointment. Personalized care and attention is the key to establishing a long-term relationship of trust with your patients.

Here are a few ways you can improve customer service in your dental practice:

Create A Relaxing Environment

 No matter the situation, almost everyone experiences butterflies in their stomachs while visiting the dentist for flexible partial dentures or any other service. Many dentist offices already have TVs in their exam rooms and send their patients home with goodie bags, so that won’t be enough to set you apart. To help keep your patients feeling comfortable, add some luxuries around your office to create a less clinical and more homey feel.

For example, use aromatherapy candles and diffusers in your office to make the space more pleasant. Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, sandalwood, tea tree, and orange are highly effective in calming down the nerves and promoting health. Be careful to not overdo it though; many people have a heightened sense of smell and will not appreciate a strong aroma.

You can also implement other amenities to add that personal touch. Try offering hot towel therapy post-treatment and provide comfortable seat cushions for treatment chairs. A massage chair in the waiting area can be a good stress-buster for your patients. 

These changes will not only make your patients more likely to come back, but also encourage them to “spread the word” about how unique and great their experience was. Little things like candles and fresh flowers in the waiting area can add up to an unforgettable customer experience.

Engage With Your Patients

Education is an important part of improving your customer service and making patients feel at ease in your chair. Make sure that all members of your staff – including your receptionist – know the basics about flexible partial dentures, root canals, and other common dental procedures. This will help create an empathetic environment for patients.

Finally, do not be in a hurry when interacting with patients. Take as much time as you need to explain the treatments and instructions clearly. Allow them to ask questions and voice their concerns.

Offer 24×7 Access Through Multiple Channels

We are living in the world of open access and instant gratification. Consider allowing your existing and new patients to contact your staff at any time of day, and via multiple channels like text messaging, online chat, or email.

The more accessible your dental practice is, the more comfortable patients will feel knowing they can reach you at any time. If you don’t want to hire a full-time customer representative, you can hire an answering service to pick up your phone calls or respond to patients after hours. 

Work With A Trusted Dental Lab

If you are looking to reduce costs so you can provide more affordable care to your patients, consider working with a dental lab that makes affordability a priority. A reputable lab like Trident Dental Laboratories offers high-quality dental restorations, like flexible partial dentures, experienced technical support, and exceptional customer care. This means you can in turn offer timely and cost-effective services to patients, further enhancing their overall treatment experience.

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It can be tough to focus on creating an outstanding customer experience while managing routine operations, but you and your patients will benefit greatly from focusing on this part of your practice.

To make the job easier, partner with us at Trident Dental Laboratories and work with our expert technicians to produce high-quality, great-looking dental restorations that will beautify your patients’ smiles. To know more, give us a call at 800-221-4831 or contact us via email.