What to Know About Teledentistry

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In the current pandemic environment, it can be difficult to arrange traditional dental visits, especially if most of your patients live in remote areas. One great option for making it easier for patients to get the care they need is through online appointments. 

Teledentistry allows dental practices to meet with their patients remotely via the internet instead of meeting in person. It is a virtual dental appointment so people can receive clinic-level care no matter where they are.

How Teledentistry Works

If you want to provide dental care services outside of your practice setting, teledentistry is a good option for you. Using phone or video conferencing, you can provide consultations, treatment services, and education to your patients. This can be especially great for patients with limited mobility who may have no way to get to a dentist or those located in rural areas that do not have local access to a dentist.

Teledentistry has also become popular among patients who don’t want to visit a dentist in person due to the fear of COVID-19. The teledentistry process involves interacting with patients via text, pictures, audio recordings, and/or live video conferencing. Your patients can use any device that connects to the internet for a virtual session with you; be it their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Benefits of Teledentistry For Dentists & Patients

Telehealth has opened ways to the advancement and new ideas in the dental industry. It offers an opportunity for specialists and general dentists to reap several rewards:

  • You can save patients an unnecessary trip to your office; patients can access you from their home or workplace.
  • You can have a live video chat with the patients and discuss their dental issues and concerns in detail.
  • You get free time for clinical work as mild issues can be treated promptly without wasting the visiting hours. You can then work with patients who need urgent attention, with fewer patients waiting for their turn in the office.
  • You can reach out to more patients and increase your revenue without increasing the time you spend at the office.
  • You can reach underprivileged children at schools, homes, and community health programs and offer them care and education.

Your patients will also enjoy several benefits thanks to your teledentistry services:

  • It improves access to elderly and disabled patients who can’t physically get to the dentist quickly. Regardless of where they live, they can get instant medical attention for any dental pain or soreness.
  • It reduces the cost of treating the patient face-to-face since you don’t need to buy valuable gloves, supplies, masks, or bibs. It also reduces travel costs for patients.
  • Patients can receive remote guidance and education using their smartphone or computer; this reduces their risk of contracting the coronavirus while in your office or traveling to and from it.
  • Visiting the dentist can be stressful for some, but being able to speak to you from the comfort of their home can reduce their anxiety significantly.

Some situations are minor dental issues that may not need an in-person appointment with your practice. Teledentistry allows these people to address their issues quickly without the hassle of visiting the office.

Learn More About Teledentistry 

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