4 Reasons Patients Delay Dental Care

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Patients may delay dental care or postpone their appointment to see a dentist for a variety of reasons, and the pandemic has not helped matters. The most common reason, however, has remained unchanged for decades: the ever-increasing cost, especially implanted dentures cost as well as traditional dental implants cost. However, when your patient is in pain, edentulous, or hesitant to smile, dental implants might be the right choice for them.

In this post, let us look at different reasons why many patients might be delaying dental work, including necessary full-mouth dental implants and partial denture implants.  

Patients Believe the Treatment Is Too Risky

For a patient who doesn’t understand how dental implants or an implant-supported denture work, the procedures may seem risky and potentially painful. Share with them the success rate of the treatments and how many similar patients are now living better, healthier lives as a direct result of the dental implant procedure.

You need to sit down with your patient and address all their concerns and questions directly. A doctor who takes time out to talk to a patient personally can work wonders in comforting them and allaying all their fears regarding an implant-supported dentures procedure or whatever other procedure they need.

They Don’t Understand the Urgency

Some patients simply don’t recognize that delaying a restorative treatment now could lead to bigger costs later on. You can help your patients see the whole picture by explaining what will happen if they ignore their dental health.

More than two million visits to emergency rooms every year are made for dental pain alone. And an ER treatment is almost always much more expensive than the cost of preventive dental care. Financial complications are not the only factor; poor oral health leads to increased risk of gum disease, diabetes, stroke, and poor cardiovascular health.

They Don’t Realize They Have Already Met Their Deductible

Under the majority of dental plans, patients must pay a certain amount out of their own pocket first before the plan benefits apply. It is not uncommon for patients to forget they have met this deductible threshold. If a patient has already met the requirement, ask them to consider scheduling a procedure they might have been putting off, like replacing missing teeth, bone grafts for implants, or removable implant dentures. Tell them to schedule the appointment before their deductible resets in January.

They Believe the Cost of Implant-Supported Dentures is Too High

Let your patients know that there are other ways to finance traditional dentures or mini dental implants that are not covered by their insurance company. With many companies now offering instant qualification, extended payment plans, monthly payment plans, and no upfront dentures or implant cost, your patients should be aware that they can afford the implanted dentures cost regardless of their financial situation. If you offer third-party or credit card financing, let them know about it.

We Can Help Your Practice Overcome Barriers to Care with a Lower Mouth Dental Implants Cost

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