Best Dental Implant Options 2022

Dental implants have become one of the most popular procedures for replacing damaged and missing teeth. Thanks to their high success rate and fewer complications than traditional options, implants have changed many patients’ lives after tooth loss.

A dental implant substitutes the roots of a damaged/missing natural tooth. Once implanted, it acts as the root inside the jawbone. It is also used to support several other removable and fixed dental restorations. Generally speaking, an implant fully integrates with the jawbone within 6 months after placement, given the patient is in good health. 

Restorations supported by these implants tend to be the most natural-feeling and natural-looking replacement tooth options as well. They don’t move around in the mouth when the patient eats, laughs, or talks, unlike regular dentures. 

How to Choose the Best Implant Teeth For Your Patients

Patients are becoming more and more conscious about the materials coming into contact with their bodies and their impact on their safety and overall health. It’s your responsibility to check the manufacturer quality, clinical success, strength, and other factors to ensure the dental implant materials you are using will lead to maximum patient satisfaction.

There are many types of dental implants available today, but titanium and zirconia are the most commonly used materials. 

Doctors have been using titanium for decades in knee and hip replacements because of its ability to fuse well with bones. And while it is durable and strong, many dental patients are not suitable candidates for titanium implants because of autoimmune diseases or allergies. If a patient develops swelling or sores in the oral soft tissues, gum disease or inflammation, dry patches, bumps, or hives in the mouth after the dental implant process, it means they are allergic to titanium

Another great option is zirconia. It is a crystalline material, free from any metals so there is zero risk for the patient in terms of metal allergy. Where titanium has three-piece construction, zirconia has only one, which leads to shorter dental implant surgery time.

What Makes Titanium the Best Option for Dental Implants (Replacement Teeth)

Titanium dental implants have been used since the 1960s and have been the standard for dental implants ever since. The full-metal implant is durable, lightweight, and biocompatible.

Compared to implants made of other materials like zirconia, titanium does not chip and is long-lasting. Failures have been reported for zirconia implants, whereas titanium has the highest long-term success rate of any implant material. With the proliferation of custom abutments and improvements in milling technology, titanium is also more affordable and easier to produce.

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