Zirconia Crowns

Full Contour Solid Zirconia 

Full Solid Zirconia is an all-ceramic monolithic restoration requiring no porcelain overlay. Designed and milled with CAD/CAM technology, Full Solid Zirconia is one of the most sought after crown and bridge restorations today. Highly regarded for its superior strength of 850 MPa, accurate fit, and fracture-resistance, it is an excellent restorative choice for use in the posterior of the mouth.

Monolithic zirconia designed and precision milled with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology.

  • Virtually fracture-free
  • Resilient enough for bruxers
  • Indication: posterior use, bridges (any span)
  • Strength: 850+ MPa

Triconia Layered Zirconia

Exclusive Trident offering, is the perfect combination of strength, beauty, and fit. A zirconia internal provides durability and reliability, while an external layer of porcelain creates a natural look.

  • Combination of beauty and strength
  • Improved translucency over monolithic
  • Indication: anterior and posterior crowns
  • Stength: 1200+ MPa

BruxZir Solid Zirconia 

The original monolithic zirconia, tested and proven in the mouth for more than 20 years.

  • Indication: posterior use, bridges (any span)
  • Strength: 1200+ MPA

BruxZir Anterior

The next evolution of BruxZir. A monolithic zirconia restoration with greatly improved translucency.

  • Indication: anterior and posterior use, bridges (any span)
  • Strength: 800+ MPA