Full Dentures


Full Dentures

Full Dentures (Standard and Premium)

Available in both Standard and Premium varieties, Trident Full Dentures are customized precisely to your patient. Benefits of a Trident Full Denture:

  • Customized Tooth Set-up
  • Natural Aesthetics
  • Contemporary Occlusion Options
  • Durable and Functional
  • Realistic Gum Shades
  • Greater Adaptability
  • True-to-Nature Characterization
  • Available in Bleach Shades

Tooth Options Available:

  • Standard (Kenson Teeth)
  • BlueLine (Premium)
  • Portrait IPN (Premium)
  • Masel (Gold, Premium)

Other Design Options:

  • Cu-sil
  • Softliner
  • Cast Palate

Immediate Dentures

All the beauty, aesthetics, and characterization of our traditional Full Dentures, are delivered with our Immediate options as well. Take the uncertainty out of Immediates.  Our experience and attention to detail will help make your next Immediate Denture case a success.