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We Create High-Quality, Customized Mouth Guards

Trident Dental Laboratories provides high-quality mouth guards for dental practices across the United States. There are numerous types of mouth guards, and we make them all. If your patient needs a mouth guard for grinding teeth, a football mouth guard, a sleep apnea mouth guard, or a mouth guard for sleeping, we’ve got you covered. Mouth guards are also helpful for patients with almost any temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder type.

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What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a dental device that covers and protects the teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks from sports injuries and teeth grinding. Because there is no one-size-fits-all for mouth guards, these dental devices must be customized to fit the individual patient. This is proven to produce better results than over-the-counter mouth guards. The typical bit guard is made of plastic and snaps onto one’s teeth. A mouth guard is often the treatment option of choice for patients with excessive tooth wear, a TMJ disorder, jaw muscle pain, or pain in the teeth caused by grinding or clenching. Mouth guards are perfect for those with daytime teeth-grinding or -clenching habits.

Why Would Someone Need a Mouth Guard?

Patients may need a custom bite guard if they suffer from bruxism, wear braces, or play sports. These unique dental devices can protect various parts of the mouth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding. Additionally, mouth guards are considered an essential piece of athletic gear. Because collision and contact sports pose a higher risk for oral injuries, mouth guards are an excellent option for those who play sports. Mouth guards can damage the teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks by providing a barrier.

The Benefits of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can offer patients a wide range of benefits, especially patients with excessive tooth wear, a TMJ disorder, jaw muscle pain, or pain in the teeth caused by grinding or clenching. Not only can mouth guards be customized to fit a patient’s unique needs, but they can reduce a patient’s number of headaches, promote a good night’s sleep, and save a patient money in the long run. The benefits of mouth guards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Help patients avoid chipped teeth
  • Help patients avoid knocked-out teeth
  • Help patients avoid damage to the tooth pulp
  • Help patients avoid soft-tissue gum injuries
  • Reduce the patient chance of snoring during sleep
  • Reduce the patient risk of wear and tear from teeth clenching
  • Reduce the patient risk of wear and tear from teeth grinding
  • Reduce patient’s likelihood of sleep apnea complications
  • Reduce patient’s chance of jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches

Who Is A Candidate For A Mouth Guard?

Mouth guard candidates are typically those who play contact sports or suffer from bruxism or a TMJ disorder. Contact sports are capable of causing facial injuries, which can, in turn, cause dental damage. A customized mouth guard can protect against oral injuries and protect your smile. Those with untreated bruxism can suffer from dental fractures and tooth decay. A mouth guard can protect one’s teeth from grinding and causing damage. Those with a diagnosed TMJ disorder can also benefit from a mouth guard, as it can help reduce the damage and pain caused by clenching the jaw.

 Why Should Mouth Guards Be Customized?

Mouth guards can promote optimal comfort and proper breathing when customized. They are also the most effective form of dental protection for teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks during sporting activities. The impression of one’s teeth will help ensure that their personalized mouth guard fits their teeth snuggly and provides them with exceptional protection and comfort day in and day out.

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If you have a patient who needs a night guard or a TMJ mouth guard, you’ve come to the right place. We custom create mouth guards and night guards for dental practices across the United States. Bite guards, such as mouth guards and night guards, are our specialty. Our lab technicians boast decades of experience and are dedicated to producing the highest quality products. Contact us today to learn more.