Night Guards

Protect Your Teeth With a Night Mouth Guard

Trident Dental Laboratories provides high-quality night guards to United States dental practices. Nocturnal parafunctional activity can damage one’s teeth, muscles, and joints—night guards are specially designed to reduce this damage. Made from durable materials using industry-leading techniques, a night guard is an excellent option for those who grind or clench their teeth while they sleep. The technical term for teeth grinding is bruxism, and many people are affected by it. Some people grind their teeth during the day, but most do it unconsciously at night while they sleep. If left untreated, bruxism can wear down teeth, cause jaw pain, and irritate the gums.

Woman putting in night guard

What is a Night Guard?

Night guards, or night teeth, are mouth guards specifically for nighttime wear. Night guards are designed to help reduce snoring and relieve obstructive sleep apnea.

The Difference Between Night Guards & Mouth Guards

A night guard is worn at night, and a mouth guard is worn during the day. These two dental guards are made of different materials and serve different purposes. A night guard is meant to prevent a sleeping person from teeth grinding and clenching, whereas a mouth guard is used by athletes to protect their teeth during a game. A night guard is constructed of thin but strong material. It provides comfort and helps a person get the undisturbed sleep they desperately need.

Who Might Need a Night Guard?

Those who are diagnosed with bruxism and suffer from chronic headaches or jaw pain because of it could likely benefit from wearing a night guard. These dental guards can protect your teeth from the wear and tear that can occur with bruxism and relieve temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.

The Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

Night guards offer a wide range of benefits. For those who have trouble sleeping at night due to jaw tension or pain caused by bruxism. Stress is also more likely to cause someone to grind their teeth when they sleep, but a night guard can prevent teeth from grinding. In addition to preventing teeth grinding, a night guard can offer a wide range of benefits, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Prevention of tooth damage
  • Reduction of jaw tension and pain
  • Prevention of headaches
  • Healthier sleep patterns
  • Prevention of snoring
  • Saves money in the long run

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Reach Out Today For A Customized Night Guard

Our team of highly-qualified lab technicians is trained to make several dental guards, including a bite guard for TMJ, a mouth guard for grinding teeth, and more. Night guards tend to be smaller and sleeker than mouth guards. Patients who grind their teeth at night, have a TMJ disorder, or are diagnosed with bruxism should consider a night guard. This protective appliance is the perfect barrier between top and bottom teeth. Night guards are customized for comfort and to ensure proper breathing while one sleeps. These devices are highly durable and can last up to 10 years. To learn more about night guards or to place an order, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.