Warranty Info

Remake and Warranty Policy

Remake Guidelines and Product Warranties

  • Trident Dental Labs will remake or repair the original product for lab errors, material failure or defects in workmanship (not wear and tear or discoloration) within the product warranty period.
  • Remakes due to the fit will be covered if submitted within one month of the initial invoice.
  • Temporary use product warranties do not include relines or reline adjustments.
  • Product warranties apply only to the original doctor and patient and are not transferable.
  • Remakes will only be covered by the warranty if the patient has followed the instructions for care and hygiene.
  • Warranties will not apply to any cases in which the doctor/practice has chosen to disregard the lab’s technical recommendations.
  • Removable restorations must be returned to the lab for evaluation to determine if the warranty applies.
  • Trident will replace defective products with one of equal or lesser value. The customer will be charged the difference for a replacement product of greater value.
  • Remakes will be charged at 100% if there is a need for a prep reduction, re-prep, material change, a different shade than the original, adjustment to the abutment due to a lack of clearance, lack of parallelism, undercut or other reason.


*Original models, impressions and restoration must be returned to honor any type of guarantee.


Pricing Terms and Conditions

All prices are quoted as one stage or one unit. Some products are subject to additional fees, e.g. bridge connectors, additional implant parts, multiple stages, and metal surcharges.
All prices are subject to change without notice. 

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