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Trident continues to be recognized as a pioneer in the dental industry, our products and services, whether basic or complex, encompass commitment to excellence and innovation.

We continue to lead the industry by offering exclusive products and integrating the latest technological advancements, allowing us to meet the needs of today's dental practices and the patients they serve.

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Triconia Layered Crown Zirconia Trident Dental Lab

All Ceramic

Emax Ceramic Trident Dental Lab

Metal Restorations

Porcelain Metal Restorations Crown Trident Dental Lab

Implant Solutions

Implants Crown Zirconia Trident Dental Lab

Composites and Provisional

Composite and Provisional TriTemps Trident Dental Lab

Full Dentures

Full Denture Trident Dental Lab


Flexible Partial Triflex Trident Dental Lab

BiteSoft Anterior Splint

BiteSoft Hard Soft Bite Guard Trident Dental Lab

Bite Guards

Soft and Hard Night Guard Trident Dental Lab

Sports Guard

Pro Form Sports Guard Appliance Trident Dental Lab


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