Night Guards / Sports Guards

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BiteSoft Anterior Splint

Designed for parafunctional control and general protection, BiteSoft has helped thousands of patients reduce pain. And since BiteSoft has a soft inner liner, compliance is never an issue.


  • Anterior Discluding Ramp
  • Centric Occlusion Table
  • Lingual Ramp
  • Dual Laminate Or Thermolined

Indications and Benefits

  • Indicated for maxillary arch only
  • Available in dual laminate or a thermoplastic lining
  • Protects porcelain restorations
  • Prevents tooth damage
  • May relieve jaw and neck pain
  • Provides 70% reduction of the intensity of clenching

Available as:

  • Anterior Splint, eliminates posterior clenching
  • A Full Arch Splint, stabilizes occlusion for TMD patients

Brux+ Hard / Soft Combo Bite Guard

Combination guard with a hard outer surface plus a comfortable soft inner liner. Includes a built up anterior ramp for lateral guidance and stable occlusion.

Indicated for upper or lower arch.

Soft and Hard Night Guard

Thermoplastic guards made for protection for restorations or from bruxism.

Indicated for upper or lower arch.

Available as:

  • Soft Splint
  • Hard Splint

Pro-form Sport Mouth Guard

Outfit the whole team with these classic custom sports guards. Affordable, comfortable, and customizable.

  • Ideal for protection during impact sports
  • Variety of colors offered
  • A helmet strap is optional