BiteSoft Anterior Splint

Bruxism is a condition that occurs when patients clench, gnash, and grind their teeth, either while awake or asleep. However, sleep bruxism is worse because the person is not aware that they are clenching or grinding their teeth and has no way to control it. Too much teeth grinding and teeth clenching can cause oral health problems, plus such issues as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) pain, jaw muscle pain, mouth pain, tension headaches, and other painful symptoms.

To avoid any dental injuries from teeth grinding, you might recommend that your patient tries a BiteSoft Anterior Splint.

BiteSoft is a special custom-fit mouthpiece worn over just the six anterior teeth. Canines, lateral incisors, and central incisors are examples of anterior teeth, which are located in the front of the mouth. Premolars and molars are examples of posterior teeth, which are located in the back of the mouth. An anterior splint like BiteSoft helps to create jaw stability and relaxation while someone sleeps. It is a soft bite splint – similar to a mouth guard – that protects upper and lower teeth from the symptoms of too much grinding and clenching.

How Does BiteSoft Anterior Splint Work?

BitSoft Anterior Splint is one of the best removable dental appliances designed to eliminate the effects of bruxism. Similar to general mouth guards or night guards, an anterior night guard will protect the teeth from a powerful bite force and help avoid chipped or broken teeth. It will also minimize the painful symptoms of grinding and clenching of teeth.

The purpose of splints is to support and stabilize the jaw muscles and jaw joints in order to prevent jaw sprain, malocclusion, or the misalignment of the teeth when the jaws are closed. In other words, the anterior bite guard will help to protect a patient’s teeth and lessen facial and jaw pain by preventing their teeth from clenching and grinding together while they sleep.

Advantages of Using the BiteSoft Anterior Splint

When it comes to treating TMJ disorders, headaches, muscle pain, and bruxism, the BiteSoft Anterior Splint is an excellent option. Even though it only covers the anterior teeth, the oral appliance helps to keep the jaw open and the back teeth apart, stopping a patient from clenching and grinding their teeth, especially while sleeping.

Ultimate Jaw Pain Relief

The BiteSoft Anterior Splint is advantageous because it quickly relieves jaw pain. The device offers a barrier between the top and bottom teeth, allowing the jaw joint to rest and the muscles to relax. This means almost immediate relief from all painful symptoms associated with clenching and grinding.

Break the Habit of Clenching or Grinding Teeth

The best way to treat bruxism and get rid of jaw pain and other facial pain is for a person to stop clenching and grinding their teeth in their sleep. If a BiteSoft Anterior Splint is worn while sleeping, it causes the adjacent teeth to shift and open a person’s bite plane. In other words, when the jaw is closed, the front teeth do not touch, but instead protrude outward. Anterior mouth guards and splint therapy can help break the habit of clenching and grinding.

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