Brux+ Hard / Soft Combo Bite Guard

Did you know that 10–16% of individuals experience sleep bruxism or teeth grinding? Headaches, jaw pain, cracked or broken teeth, restless sleep, and other problems can result from nighttime teeth grinding. For teeth grinders, wearing night guards can be a great way to mitigate the symptoms and protect their teeth.

However, some night guards are either too soft or too hard, which will only make the discomfort and teeth grinding worse. At Trident Dental Laboratories, we offer Brux night guards that will help address your patients’ teeth grinding problems with added comfort. Contact us today for more details.

Why Recommend Brux Night Guard for Teeth Grinding?

Whether your patient is teeth grinding and clenching at night or during the day, our combination Brux bite guard will help protect their teeth and offer more comfort than other guards.

Top-Notch Materials 

Combination Brux guards have a hard outer surface with a soft and comfortable inner liner, both made from high-quality and safe material. They won’t irritate your patient’s gums and teeth. Moreover, the anterior ramp ensures stable occlusion and lateral guidance.

Small Yet Comfortable Design 

One major advantage of a Brux mouth guard is its excellent design. Its smaller size has a more comfortable feel, allowing for better sleep compared to traditional night guards. A Brux bite guard is worn over only the front teeth without covering the back teeth, which promotes better breathing, while still preventing teeth grinding.

Relief From Jaw Pain

Although a Brux night guard only covers the front teeth, it also affects the back teeth as well. The guard transfers the bite force from the back teeth and forces a more open bite, thus reducing jaw tension and pain.

Re-Moldable for Better Fit

The Brux night guard is a boil and bite night guard, meaning is can be re-molded if necessary. Your patient can re-mold it at home at any time. A patient won’t have to wait to visit your dentist office to get a mouth guard with the perfect fit.

What People Love About Brux Night Guards

Teeth grinders are more likely to experience chipped teeth, painful jaws, headaches and other problems. Fortunately, a Brux night guard is designed with all the features that you expect from custom night guards. In general, mouth guards are designed to help protect the teeth. Aa Brux night guard protects and feels comfortable when worn in the daytime or the nighttime.

Brux night guard reviews also talk about experiencing relief from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) pain and headaches. People have said they are able to sleep and breathe better. All in all, patients who used a Brux night guard noticed they wake up feeling well rested and with less pain.

Order a Brux Night Guard From Trident Dental Laboratories Today

With their small design, quality materials, comfortable fit, and option for re-molding, Brux night guards can protect your patients’ teeth from grinding and clenching while ensuring maximum comfort. They have all the features of a custom night guard and will be immensely helpful for any teeth grinder.

Committed to making quality care accessible to all patients, we offer night guards and other products that will help protect overall oral health. Connect with us at Trident Dental today to get more information about Brux bite guards.