Cast Frame Partials

Compared to traditional acrylic partial dentures, cast partial dentures are more durable and precise. Made from a chrome/cobalt alloy frame, these partials are lightweight and resistant to plaque buildup. At Trident Dental Laboratories, we offer two types of cast partials: Lasermet RPD and Vitallium 2000 RPD.

Both these options are nickel-free and maintain a high degree of stability. Their base material is also kinder to the natural dentition of the patient than most other chromes. Due to the strength of the cast frame, repairs will be minimal as well, making it a perfect long-lasting solution for your patients. Benefits of cast partial dentures include:

Lasermet RPD

The Lasermet RPD offers a cost-effective way to fabricate partial dentures. The laser design and finishing technique provide a more refined, smoother surface with a smaller, lighter framework, while also providing greater overall strength. In addition, the smaller and lighter frame and smooth surface enhance patient comfort, thus improving patient acceptance.

Our Lasermet RPD is the most advanced and affordable way to create high-quality cast partial dentures available on the market. Its proprietary design and finishing give you a precise fit with minimal chair-side adjustments. With the escalating cost of healthcare services and materials, the Lasermet RPD provides a practical treatment option.

Vitallium 2000 Cast Frame Partials

Vitallium has been a trusted alloy in the dental restoration industry for over 60 years. It introduced the mechanical and physical properties that were practically unheard of in chrome/cobalt alloys. The Vitallium 2000 is the newest addition to this family and it provides a tensile strength superior to the other chrome/cobalt alloys available in the industry.

Combined with an elongation more than double of the original Vitallium RPD, this option is perfect if you are looking for the best partial denture for your patients.

Its physical properties give you exceptional strength and unparalleled fracture-resistance while allowing for lighter, smaller, and more delicate cast partial dentures. Vitallium 2000 also has enhanced flexibility, without fracture or deformation, allowing for outstanding adjustability similar to that of gold.

Vitallium 2000 RPD also creates the most refined and smooth surface, making it easier to adjust. It is also resistant to plaque-buildup and can maintain its luster. If you want the best option for cast partial dentures for your patients, this beryllium- and nickel-free alloy is worth considering. It comes with a highly polished metal surface and delicate precision cast clasps for maximum patient comfort.

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Both of our cast frame partials – Lasermet RPD and Vitallium 2000 – are biocompatible, fracture-resistant, and easily adjustable. These partials use a wide range of teeth and acrylic finishes to provide natural-looking results. For patients who are allergic to beryllium and nickel, our restorations offer a good fit.

When you partner with Trident Dental Laboratories, you can expect reliable customer support and value on every case you send to us. If you have any questions about cast partial dentures or any of our many product or service offerings, please contact us at 800-221-4831 or reach out to us online. We look forward to receiving your case.