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BiteSoft Anterior Splint

Designed for parafunctional control and general protection, BiteSoft has helped thousands of patients reduce pain. And since BiteSoft has a soft inner liner, compliance is never an issue.


  • Anterior Discluding Ramp
  • Centric Occlusion Table
  • Lingual Ramp
  • Dual Laminate Or Thermolined

Indications and Benefits

  • Indicated for maxillary arch only
  • Available in dual laminate or a thermoplastic lining
  • Protects porcelain restorations
  • Prevents tooth damage
  • May relieve jaw and neck pain
  • Provides 70% reduction of the intensity of clenching

Available as:

  • Anterior Splint, eliminates posterior clenching
  • A Full Arch Splint, stabilizes occlusion for TMD patients

Brux+ Hard / Soft Combo Bite Guard

Combination guard with a hard outer surface plus a comfortable soft inner liner. Includes a built up anterior ramp for lateral guidance and stable occlusion.

Indicated for upper or lower arch.

Soft and Hard Night Guard

Thermoplastic guards made for protection for restorations or from bruxism.

Indicated for upper or lower arch.

Available as:

  • Soft Splint
  • Hard Splint

Pro-form Sport Mouth Guard

Outfit the whole team with these classic custom sports guards. Affordable, comfortable, and customizable.

  • Ideal for protection during impact sports
  • Variety of colors offered
  • A helmet strap is optional

Night Guards

No matter what you call it – a night guard, a dental splint, a sleeping mouth guard, or an occlusal splint – an oral device worn while sleeping can help prevent damage to teeth and gums caused by moderate to heavy teeth grinding.

How Does a Night Guard Work?

Regardless of the type (soft night guard, hard night guard, or combination), the primary function of a night guard is to protect the enamel and dentin of the teeth from wearing down due to severe grinding. A sleeping mouth guard can also be constructed to push the jaw forward when a person is sleeping, increasing the size of the person’s airway. A larger airway allows more air to pass through, which can help minimize snoring and sleep apnea.

A typical night guard fits over the upper teeth and is worn at night while sleeping. When a patient has braces or another type of fixed prosthesis on their lower jaw, most dentists will recommend they wear a bottom night guard to protect the lower teeth as well.

It’s crucial to have a night guard that is custom fitted to a patient’s mouth, jaw joint, and bite in order to be effective. High-quality night guards made by a professional dental lab will prevent severe teeth grinding, are tear-resistant, and are simple to clean. Generic hard guards from local drug stores or soft guards made from a self-impression mold will not have the same results.

Night Guard Dental Benefits

A custom-fit night guard will prevent teeth grinding and clenching as your patient sleeps, helping them avoid the myriad of health issues that can arise from this habit.

Protects Teeth

Clenching or grinding teeth can break or chip them and wear down whatever fillings your patient may already have. Wearing a custom night guard helps prevent any damage.

Helps Stop Headaches

Due to the constant tension in the jaw as they sleep, those who suffer from nighttime teeth grinding often experience persistent headaches. A custom-fit guard can help prevent teeth grinding and eliminate headaches.

Relief From Jaw Pain

Teeth grinding requires the activation of the jaw muscles, which can become fatigued after prolonged use. For those who regularly wake up with a sore jaw, night guards worn while sleeping may be helpful.

Prevents Sleep Apnea and Snoring

When a person sleeps with their teeth clenched together, it might obstruct the airway and make them snore. If your patient has trouble breathing while they sleep, they could wear hard or soft night guards to help by keep their jaws apart and their airway passage open.

Gives a Better Night’s Rest

If a patient is grinding their teeth all night, they are probably not getting a good night’s rest. For a patient suffering from poor sleep caused by bruxism or teeth clenching, a night guard may be the best solution.

Choose From Our Selection of Different Night Guards

Night guards come in a few different of types:

  • Soft night guard: Soft night guards are made of rubbery, flexible materials and are ideal for light grinding or moderate grinding.
  • Hard night guard: Hard night guards are made of more durable plastic and can endure the stress of severe grinding.
  • Hybrid night guard: Made from dual-laminate material, a hybrid guard is designed to offer heavy grinders a comfortable and protective barrier between their teeth.

Whether your patient needs a hard guard, soft guard, or combination guard for their upper or lower teeth, we have the best night guard to fit their requirements. Contact us at Trident Dental Laboratories today to learn more about our night mouth guards!