Flexible Partials

Looking for metal-free flexible partial dentures for your patients? We have got you covered. Trident Dental Laboratories offers two high-performance partial dentures for maximum patient comfort: Tri-Flex™ and Valplast™.

Lightweight, Natural-Looking, & Easy-To-Wear

Our flexible partial dentures eliminate the need for metal clasps and provide your patients with the painless convenience they desire. You can use these restorative options in place of traditional cast or acrylic options.

Tri-Flex™: This is our most translucent and lightweight flexible partial, making it undeniably comfortable for patients. Due to its natural tissue color, it scores really high in aesthetics as well. It is especially recommended for patients who are allergic to acrylic.

Valplast™:  This is made from a biocompatible thermoplastic nylon material, making it perfect for patients who are transitioning to final treatment or do not want the hassle of fixed restorations.

Whether you choose Tri-Flex or Valplast flexible partial dentures, you get unbeatable biocompatibility, durability, and strength. Both materials offer lifelike aesthetics and seamlessly blend with the natural tissue in the patient’s mouth.

Beautiful, Clinically Unbreakable, Flexible Partial Dentures

Our flexible partials are indicated for use as a removable partial denture in place of traditional acrylic or cast metal. Tri-Flex and Valplast can also be used for clasps or saddles on cast-metal partials, giving you a better looking option compared to gleaming metal clasps.

These thermoplastic materials not only look amazing, but are also thin and virtually unbreakable. They disappear inside the patient’s natural dentition and tissues. Based on this, they do not absorb any moisture, so they are less likely to retain odors or stain.

Improved Functionality and Comfort 

Thousands of dentists use our flexible partial dentures because they make for a stronger, better restoration in a fraction of the time. This translates to dramatically reduced chair-time. It also eliminates the need for inconvenient materials associated with rigid partials and the need for invasive procedures.

With Tri-Flex and Valplast from Trident Dental Laboratories, you no longer need to rely on metal!

The base material mingles with the surrounding tissue, making base-tissue transitions barely discernible. Your patients will love how our flexible partials literally “disappear in the mouth.”

Why Choose Tri-Flex™ and Valplast™

Tri-Flex™ and Valplast™ flexible partials are specifically designed for both functionality and aesthetics. They can also be used in combination with cast metal frame partials. They are made from flexible polyimide nylon thermoplastic resin that is best suited for unilateral restorations and partial dentures. The resin has distinctive visual and physical properties that eliminate the risk of acrylic allergies and give you unlimited design versatility.

Here are the key features of our flexible partials:

  • Monomer-free and non-allergenic
  • Extremely flexible and durable
  • Transparent and lightweight
  • Available in different shades
  • Indications: Most removable partials, combination partial, and unilateral partial

Choose Trident Dental Laboratories Flexible Partial Dentures & See the Difference

Working with metal-based Removable Partial Denture design can be complicated since it involves adjusting rigid materials to a flexible environment. This leaves plenty of room for error, especially in cases where clinical preparations and ideal designs are already complex.

This is where our flexible partial dentures come in. They are ideal for a wide range of natural conditions in the mouth. For more information, please call us at 800-221-4831 or contact us here.