Full Dentures

Full dentures from Trident Dental Laboratories are ideal for patients who want the highest quality and most natural-looking teeth. Our skilled technicians can help you every step of the way to create dentures to fit the needs of your patients, including several options for acrylic colorations, multiple characterized arrangements of the teeth, and any other requested procedure.

Beautiful, Easy-To-Customize, Full Dentures

Our full dentures are available in two options: Standard/Premium and Immediate. Regardless of the option you choose, your patients will get gorgeous denture teeth that can be adjusted based on their natural tissue contours, age, and gender.

Choose from our two full denture options to provide your patients the solution that best meets their financial, aesthetic, and medical needs. Whether you are a new dentist or an expert clinician, our technique-free and extremely customizable full dentures will be a great addition to your practice.

Full Dentures (Standard and Premium)

Available in both Standard and Premium varieties, these dentures will be fabricated to fit your patient precisely. Benefits include:

  • Natural aesthetics
  • Customized tooth set-up
  • Functional and durable
  • Contemporary occlusion options
  • Lifelike gum shades
  • Available in bleach shades
  • True-to-nature characterization

Immediate Dentures

Want the aesthetics and function of our conventional full dentures on an immediate basis? Choose our immediate full dentures and take the uncertainty out of your case. This version can be fitted right away after a tooth extraction, allowing your patients to leave their appointment with a full set of teeth.

Why Choose Trident Dental Laboratories Full Dentures

Since 1988, we have designed and fabricated all types of dental restorations for dentists who want the very best for their patients. Regardless of what the case might be, we are fully equipped to provide you with reliable products, services, and technologies to help your practice grow consistently.

We understand that a successful denture is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and functional – but most importantly, it is extremely comfortable to wear. Our technicians are dedicated to delivering those results, every single time. Our team is highly knowledgeable about different occlusal technologies and concepts, and undergoes continuing education to keep learning.

All of our prosthetics and dental appliances are manufactured according to ISO and ADA specifications using premium base acrylic dentures. Here is what we bring to the table:

  • Highly personalized service
  • No logistical hold-ups
  • Competitive return times
  • The most cost-effective full dentures in the industry
  • Dedicated customer support team on stand-by

We Can Help You Improve the Quality of Dental Work You Provide Your Patients

Trident Dental Laboratories is a full-service dental lab based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in producing top-quality partial and full dentures. We have developed a unique team approach to serving the varying needs of a dental practice over the last 30+ years.

Regardless of how big – or small – your practice is, our goal is to provide you with a consistent quality of artistry with each case. From verifying your design and instructions to personally checking out the case before delivery, we are meticulous about every step of the process.

To learn more about how our team can best suit your clinic’s needs through reliable products, call us at 800-221-4831 or contact us online.