Pro-form Sport Mouth Guard

Do your patients play contact sports, like boxing, football, field hockey, baseball, basketball, or soccer? How about gymnastics or water polo? Regardless of the contact sport your patient is focused on as an athlete, they have a higher chance of experiencing dental trauma or orofacial injury.

To help prevent dental injuries, you might want to recommend a reliable sports mouth guard. You can provide the best care possible to your patients by fitting them for a sports mouth guard to protect their teeth, like those we offer at Trident Dental Laboratories. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Why a Sports Mouth Guard?

When playing contact sports, a person faces a high risk of dental injury. A sports mouth guard offers maximum protection against mouth injuries, like cracked, knocked-out, and fractured teeth, cut lips, and broken jaws. The American Dental Association reports that among all sports-related injuries, around 10% to 20% include injury of the teeth, jaw, and face.

Moreover, not wearing a mouth guard while playing ice hockey and other contact sports means athletes are 60 times more likely to encounter damaged teeth. Given that treatment for serious injuries like broken jaws is usually difficult or complex, higher medical costs are involved, too.

To save money, prevent dental injuries, and protect your patient’s health so they can continue playing sports, choose a custom mouth guard from a trusted dental laboratory like Trident Dental.

Choosing a Dental Sport Mouth Guard

According to the American Dental Dental Association, custom mouthguards are recommended to be worn for different team sports and solo sports, including lacrosse, rugby, martial arts, volleyball, weight lifting, football, hockey, and more, both during practice and competition. There are three types of guards for athletes to choose from, namely stock mouthguards, mouth-formed boil and bite mouthguards, and custom mouthguards (made by a dental professional).

Are they playing for a whole season or on a regular basis? You will want to recommend a custom mouth guard instead of a generic mouth guard to ensure premium quality.

The most reliable mouth guards are custom mouth guards that have a comfortable fit, are durable, and are easy to clean. They shouldn’t restrict speech or breathing. A person only needs a mouth guard for their upper teeth, except if they have braces or play certain sports.  Some sports, like boxing, require wearing mouth guards that secure both the upper and lower teeth as boxers are more prone to receiving blows to their jaws.

The Trident Dental Laboratories Difference

At Trident Dental Laboratories, we consistently provide dental products that value both function and aesthetics. Whether the patient needs a sports guard or a night guard, we offer the same quality and service that will, in turn, let you serve your patients with the best care possible. From our unparalleled customer service and high-quality products to our expertise in the industry and state-of-the-art dental tools, we have everything you need in a partner to help your practice shine.

Protect Your Patient’s Teeth With a Quality Custom Mouth Guard

Wearing a mouth guard protects from oral injury during sports-related activities. Don’t compromise your patient’s oral health. Order a custom sports guard for your active patients today! Contact us for more details.