Soft & Hard Dental Night Guard

If a patient regularly wakes up suffering from a headache or a sore jaw, they might be grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw a night. As their dentist, you will be able to see the effects of this on their upper and lower teeth. In order to protect their teeth from further damage, you might want to recommend they wear a custom night guard over their upper teeth or lower teeth while they sleep.

At Trident Dental Laboratories, we are proud to partner with your dental office to bring your patients the top-quality products they deserve, including our custom mouth guards. We are a full service dental laboratory with an outstanding reputation for excellent products, quick turnaround times, affordable prices, and superior customer service. Connect with us today so we can help you offer a comprehensive dental solution to your patients.

Benefits of Dental Night Guards

Grinding, gnashing, or clenching teeth while sleeping is called bruxism. It can result in cracked or broken teeth, tooth or jaw pain, headaches, and more. The condition can be brought on by a number of factors, but one of the most common is stress.

A night guard from dentist labs can help reduce tension headaches, relieve tooth and jaw pain, bring a more restful sleep, and mitigate other bruxism symptoms. Furthermore, heavy teeth grinders not wearing a hard night guard when they sleep can mean significantly higher incidents of serious dental and medical health problems, which in turn means higher costs for treatment. You can save your patients money in the long run by suggesting a dental night guard.

Various Types of Night Guards

There are different types of night guards available to your patients. Cheaper, over-the-counter night guards are sold at drug stores, but they don’t offer a precise fit or as many benefits as custom night guards do. There are two types of custom night guards:

Soft Night Guard

Made of soft materials, these night guards are perfect for individuals experiencing mild bruxism or those who clench, but do not grind their teeth. Soft night guards can be an upper or lower guard, are fairly flexible, and fit quite comfortably. However, their life span is shorter than hard night guards and dual laminate guards. At Trident Dental Laboratories, you can get a soft night guard custom fitted from your patient’s teeth impression.

Hard Night Guard

Hard night guards consist of hard acrylic and are suited for people who do severe teeth grinding and clenching. They should be custom-fit with a dental mold or impression mold. Unlike soft night guards, hard night guards are not very flexible, but they’re more durable.

At Trident Dental Laboratories, we offer hard acrylic, professionally made, custom night guards. Made of hard acrylic rigid plastic, our phthalate-free night guard can also be used as a sports guard or retainer. An acrylic night guard might last for five years or more with regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and safe storing in a night guard carrying case.

Dual Laminate Night Guard

A dual laminate night guard combines a soft inner layer with a hard outer layer. Like a hard acrylic night guard, it helps prevent teeth grinding, but like a soft guard, it has a more comfortable fit. However, they are bulkier than other guards and take a while to adjust to wearing.

Purchase the Best Custom Night Guard Today

Depending on the severity of your patient’s teeth grinding or bruxism, they may need a soft night guard or hard acrylic night guard. If you’re looking for custom teeth night guards, look no further than Trident Dental Laboratories. By combining both functionality and aesthetics, while utilizing the latest technology, we ensure the best mouth guard suitable for your patients’ needs.

With a custom-fabricated night guard from us, you can help protect the teeth of your patient. Get in touch with us today for more information.