How To Lower Full Mouth Denture Costs For Your Patients

Doctor explaining about Full Mouth Denture at Hawthorne, CA

Dentures are one of the most affordable options available to replace missing teeth. Designed to replace natural teeth, dental implants and implant-retained dentures can restore both the appearance and functionality of your patient’s natural teeth. When a set of partials is made well, it fits the contour and shape of the jaw so perfectly that nobody except you and your patient can tell them apart from their remaining teeth.

Competitive Dentures Costs for Upper or Lower Jaw and Full Mouth Dentures 

At Trident Dental Laboratories, we have been one of the leading labs in LA since 1988 and have created different grades of partial dentures, immediate dentures, and full dentures customized to specific preferences, anatomical requirement, and budget.

During all these years, one thing we have seen many dentists struggling with is the dentures cost. We get asked almost every day how much do dentures cost, and it’s understandable. Dentures can be expensive. However, we are glad to share that despite their costs, they can be made affordable for your patients. 

How Can Trident Dental Laboratories Help Reduce Denture Costs for Your Practice?

By partnering with us for your partial denture, permanent dentures, removable prosthesis, etc., you can cut down considerably on your costs. Our expert team performs with a sense of ownership and responsibility to help your dental office minimize the burden on your internal resources. Our specialists will not only offer solutions that help reduce your dental procedures costs, but also support your cash flow goals and help you scale your dental practice without spending a fortune. 

When you leave the denture-making to us, you get access to a wide variety of materials and different types of dentures, ranging from low-cost dentures to mid-range dentures and premium dentures.

This allows you to offer a lower cost of dentures to your patients. You can introduce dentures and other new restoration options to your patients and see if they are interested in them.

We have a dedicated team of lab technicians who custom-craft complete dentures for precise fit. In addition to dentures and partials, we also offer a full range of services, including crowns and bridges, implants, and mouth guards.

Providing High-End Dental Products At Affordable Prices Since 1988

Every member of our team at Trident Dental Laboratories is here to help you optimize your dental practice operations and increase your productivity for an improved bottom line. The extensive technical expertise and decades of experience shared by our team cannot be found in any lab. We have the latest equipment necessary for all kinds of lab work, including multi-unit solutions for most intricate implant supported denture cases.

We also offer a variety of material choices along with precision attachments. When you partner with us, you get to use our expertise on everything from your most complicated cases to the most basic dental devices.  Send us a message online to start a conversation about how we can help reduce conventional dentures and full mouth dentures cost for your practice.