Best Ways For Dentists To Advertise Guards

Doctor fixing teeth guard for small boy in clinic at Hawthorne, CA

It is estimated that up to 50% of children and 8% of adults in the country suffer from sleep bruxism, i.e., teeth grinding or clenching. The root cause of teeth gnashing in many cases is stress, and the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have aggravated the situation. The most effective solution to this problem is wearing a mouth guard or hard night guard.

Mouth Guards: A Reliable Way to Stop Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Mouth guards look similar to retainers due to their plastic-like appearance. They cover the biting surfaces and depending on the patient’s condition, can be worn on either the top or bottom set of teeth. Every patient is different and you have to order a customized mouth guard for each of them by molding it to fit their teeth.

High-quality mouth guards for the lower jaw and upper teeth will not cause jaw soreness and will help your patients experience a good night’s sleep. Sports mouth guards with a customized fit, in addition to bruxism guards and bite guards, are also highly effective in preventing tooth damage and chipped teeth.

How To Promote Mouth Guards?

Also known as a nocturnal bite plate or dental guard, these tools offer a variety of benefits for patients, especially those who are suffering from severe teeth-grinding symptoms such as chipped or broken teeth, jaw pain, and sleep apnea. By preventing teeth clenching, mouth guards also prevent the risk of TMJ and other serious jaw issues.

However, if despite all the wonderful benefits of wearing a custom night guard you are having a hard time directing your patients’ attention toward it, the following proven tips can help. 

Set Up A Booth At Local Health Events

Look into your local social calendar to see if there are any health expos or wellness-based events scheduled in the upcoming months. You can usually find this information on websites like, and If an interesting event seems like a good fit, get in touch with the event coordinator about setting up a table or booth.

You can provide a discounted promotion or free information leaflets about a hard or soft night guard. Make sure that at least one of your staff members is always present at the booth throughout the event.

Organize A Free Dental Care Day For At-Risk Residents in Your Local Community

Another good way to reach out to people is by providing basic dental examinations, fillings, extractions, and cleanings to the in-need patients near you. Promote this event via social media, press releases (online and offline), and newspaper ads. You can market your night guards here by conducting a free workshop titled “How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth” or “How to Improve Your Sleep”.

Do A Good Deed

If you can afford it, we highly recommend reaching out to a local high school soccer, football, or other sports team and offering them sports mouth guards. You will not only build solid connections with families and schools in your town, but also establish yourself as a community leader.

Talk About the Benefits of Guards in Print and Social Media

Write blog posts centered on the health benefits of dental night guard and publish them on your website’s blog and LinkedIn. You can also reach out to other health websites and guest post your articles there. Since the idea is to establish yourself as a “dental expert”, don’t hesitate to pitch yourself to local radio and TV news channels to spread awareness about the benefits of custom fitted night guard for teeth.

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